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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Are You Purposely Leading?

When I was brainstorming the name for my blog, there were many ideas that came to mind. I wanted a title that would catch readers’ attention and give some insight into what I believe and value as a leader. I am a firm believer that everything needs to be done with a purpose. The work of a leader is too important to waste the time and energy of teachers and students. Because I strive to ensure that everything I do is purposeful and meaningful, purposely leading best describes my position as a leader.

As a leader, one must lead with purpose. That purpose must be defined and communicated to all stakeholders. Leading with purpose does not mean holding all the knowledge and planning the next moves independently. Leading with purpose means helping others grow, allowing others to lead, and being an advocate for all children.

Purposely leading means helping the organization achieve the goals that have been established by being committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed. Without a sense of direction, the likelihood is great that the organization will loose sight of its goals. There is ample research that suggests that school based leadership is a significant contributor to the success of a school. Leaders stir the ship, navigate through the storms, and seek to explore unchartered waters. 

Leaders committed to continuous improvement are intentional and methodical in their planning approach. Situations that occur do not happen by chance or happenstance when a leader is purposely leading. When a leader is purposely leading, all outcomes that occur are part of a bigger plan.
More importantly, a leader that leads with purpose knows that bumps in the road or derailments can potentially occur. 

Leaders, someone placed you in the position that you have because they believed that you had the skills to lead. People are watching and expecting you to lead, so lead, follow or get out of the way! 

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