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Monday, January 11, 2016


In response to a challenge by my PLN buddy, Bethany Hill, I thought long and hard about a word that I wanted to focus my efforts on in 2016. There were many words that came to mind but none really grabbed or spurned a call to action within me. The only word that I could think of that really summed up what I want to accomplish in 2016 is the word BE.

BE is a simple word that is often overlooked. It is not an extravagant word, and it certainly won't sell a bunch of shirts if used as the focal point. Although BE is not a wow or catchy word, it is a verb that gives other words power.

For example, BE alone does nothing, but BE coupled with another word compels one to action. I can't pick one word as my 2016 word, but I can pick one word to sharpen my focus for the year. The word awesome is a great word. In fact, it is a word that is frequently used in my vocabulary. The word awesome standing alone is just awesome. Adding the word BE before awesome awakens the word and gives it a call to action that means to rise above and to strive to be greater than yourself. BE gives words a different meaning. So while BE is my focus word for 2016, the words purposeful, positive and present help to anchor the word BE in my life.

BE Purposeful
For every endeavor I embark on in 2016, I will examine my purpose. Being purposeful will help me to focus on things that are significant and meaningful. Things that will add value to my life and the life of others.

BE Positive
Being positive is a choice. I have always been a positive, upbeat person. I have a hard time understanding negativity, especially when someone has the power to change their circumstances. The way we see and respond to situations often determines outcomes. Even when being dealt a bad hand, approaching things with a positive attitude gives you power to overcome obstacles. Positivity is excellent food for the mind, body and soul.

BE Present
Our society is fast-paced. Quick fixes and surface relationships have become the norm for many individuals. Everyone is busy, and in our state of busyness we could be missing out on many moments that can never be recaptured. In all that I do each day I will be intentional about being present--being present in my personal and professional relationships, being present in my thoughts and actions, and being present in my successes and failures. Living in the moment allows us to be in the arena of life. It encourages us to be brave with our life and to enjoy this single journey.

I would encourage you try to find a focus word for 2016. Focusing in on one word does not negate the importance of other words; however,  I have found that within the first ten days of 2016, my one word has helped me to stay true to what I strive to accomplish this year. I may not be able to stick to a list of resolutions, but I can honor and commit to #oneword.

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